Find out more about IVF and other fertility treatments at our next online open evening

We'd love to invite you to our next free fertility information event, which will be held soon. Please register your interest in our event below, and we’ll email you with full details about the open evening once the date has been confirmed. 

During the Open Evening

Our specialist fertility consultants will share how to prepare for IVF on every level, from the medical to the emotional, as well as how we can help optimise your chances of conception and pregnancy with our unique, highly-personalised approach. Our experts will also advise on what you can do to improve your fertility at home and help you create your own plan of action to be in control of your fertility journey.

Welcome to our clinic 

When patients come to our team, they are often looking for answers to their questions, as well as a very individualised approach to conception with exceptionally high levels of doctor time and support – exactly what we specialise in at the Zita West Clinic. 

Patients who come to us want a plan of action and to feel more in control of their fertility and, through our assessment of their lifestyle, diet, nutrition and mind-set, we develop a comprehensive plan that gives them their best chance of succeeding.

Attending one of our free open evenings gives you a chance to meet our team, have your questions answered by our doctors, and to learn how you can improve your fertility at home.

Topics we will cover include... 

  • What to expect from fertility treatment
  • Our unique holistic approach to fertility and IVF
  • How lifestyle and psychological factors can impact conception
  • How to manage your mind-set for IVF success
  • Why IVF fails and what can be done
  • The steps you can take to increase your chances of successful IVF
  • The nutrition needed to support sperm and egg quality.

We are proud to have helped so many people start their family. Here you can hear one of our patients, Sarah, talk about her success story:

For more information about the Zita West Clinic, our team, our holistic approach to fertility, or how we can help you, please call our enquiry team on 0808 196 4060 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!